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Low self-esteem can be costly, both in school and in future success. Most teens can display healthy self-esteem some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Self Esteem Workbook for Teens reduces levels of shame, guilt, and isolation. Teens will learn effective coping skills and behaviors for expressing and realizing their true potential. Graduated homework assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills. The Self Esteem Workbook for Teens is designed especially for adolescents and pre-adolescents.

This Workbook offers effective:

Communication Skills

Self Esteem Concepts

Effective Techniques for Expressing Needs

Skills for Dealing with Criticism

Techniques for Handing Bullies & Difficult People

Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

Increased Positive attitude

Healthy Goal Setting Skills


Designed especially for Teens

Learn important life skills for career and relationships

Learn the four modes of communication

Learn Self Esteem Rights

Learn the real reasons underneath low self esteem

Learn how to cope effectively with 'bullies'

Learn about 'workable compromise'

Teens can use Workbook alone or with help of an adult

Healthy structure with 8 sequential sessions

Proven effectiveness in reducing overall levels of shame, guilt, and isolation


The Self Esteem Workbook for Teens uses a skill building format and each new skill relies, to some extent, on what has previously been learned, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to do all eight (8) sessions. The Workbook can be used by Teens alone or with the help of an adult.


Dr Bohensky can help work with you, your teen/adolescent, and their self esteem problem. By developing their skills a significant improvement in self-esteem and a more positive attitude toward their life will result.


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